chris brown

has done what all abusers do: dis-arm his victim (rhianna). That is the key to getting off the hook. I bet he got all of the lawyers who stand to profit off of the conjoined endorsement deals that are pending for the couple to call her up and tell her that they know that chris loves her and that he told them all that she hit him first. I can tell by her language that their publicity machine is trying to save chris brown’s payday. the message she is sending out thru her publicity machine is that she is violent too, and provoked him into hitting her by hitting him first. (No mention is made of the fact that he had no bruises or cuts on his face). This is how domestic abuse is swept away. (no one remembers nicole brown anymore).
I just know from experience that this is how show business works to conceal and excuse domestic abuse.
I also know from experience that it is common that the woman throws the first insult or punch. the big dirty secret is that violent men are with violent women and vice versa. They continue to stay together so they can continue to be violent, break up and then make up, involving all their families and their friends in the whole sick and stinking charade. They both need to go to jail, if in fact she did hit him or terrorize him psychologically. I lived through this crap, and I know how it goes. I know how I finally walked away from a restaurant deal, a clothing line, a production company with deals for four more sitcoms and a couple other things that I thought justified trying to excuse the abuse in order to keep.
Rhianna, don’t touch him or insult him or yell at him or try to humiliate him and you will be just fine. Find a way to say no to him and stay calm when you do it. If and when he tries to provoke you into saying the things that set him off, leave immediately, and do not return until he is totally contrite and realistic in taking responsibility for trying to escalate violence. An abusive man who can not take responsibility for his violent actions will never stop being abusive. (as jesus says: when your heart is completely broken, the journey of repentance can begin and that journey leads to peace).
both parties in domestic abuse must refuse to play the game, and the second a loss of control of oneself is apparent (loud voice, shallow breathing) both must run away from each other as fast as they can until sanity is restored. meditation can cure domestic abuse. read about it here!
kabbalistic meditation can cure everything. (jesus said I am the way and the light no man reaches enlightenment but through the mastery of the mind).