norn's drawing of me teaching a kabballah class in '01

i found my notes from Roseanne’s Kabbalah class in an old sketchbook, & wanted to share them. i was surprised about some of the notes, because *all of ’em* have become part of my everyday life….& many of them i forgot originally came from here, they’ve become so internalized.
like the offering instead of asking, that has just become a part of my nature.
please feel free to pass ’em on!
Roseanne’s Kabbalah class
• “I couldn’t find what I was looking for – but I knew that was part of the process of *finding* what I was looking for.”
• kabbalistic consciousness: “we’re sent here to do that work”
• “To understand the effect we have on people and the world is the greatest gift god has given us.”
• One spark of light defeats darkness.
• The real story is: there’s only you & god – every other face you see is just a mirror that shows us the parts of ourselves that we don’t wanna see (or can’t see).
• everything is part of everything….including matter and spirit.
• “If SMART makes you not be simple, its no good…coz the truth is always SIMPLE!”
• Any seperation *AT ALL* is the seed of death!
• “The only thing that can possibly heal us in any way is GREEN!!!”
• “You must stop doing it”
Thats all we can do…part of the problem or part of the solution.
• It all starts with a thought….
The reason Peace doesn’t exist anywhere in the world because NO ONE THINKS IT CAN.
• “If you don’t want to be cheated, don’t cheat nobody.”
• “If you don’t want to be disrespected, don’t disrespect nobody.”
• Its all about INTENT and what seed you plant.
• Everything in this universe is made of The Desire To Receive
1. The Desire To Receive
2. The Desire To Share
• “All the world’s religions give a piece of the puzzle.”
• “There’s only one hope that we have – to learn to be nicer people and t treat people the way we want to be treated.”
• “When you can learn for your first impulse to be NICE instead of striking out; that is how you save the world.”
• Mind Over Matter
“The way we see the world is a result of what we think.”
reflecting, projection
kabbalah > to receive
to receive control over our lives.