ripped off all of the money that Israel’s supporters in America had. He is an agent for peace in a strange strange way. The money for Israel bonds and for settlements in palestinian territory is now gone. When i tell people that change occurs in the mental world and then replays itself out in the physical world, they cannot understand me. I know they will someday though, and right now I am just working to write so that I can hold the patent to the christ like Utopia that I am creating in cyber. Cyber is now the middle road between thought and physical formation.
God almighty does indeed work in mysterious ways his wonders to unfold…i prayed for peace in israel for the last ten years and now it is taking shape. I knew that it had to be done without bloodshed and despite jewish fear. It just happened because it is right. Evil has already begun to destroy itself since the tipping point. (read seeking contact in the archives)
I and others sealed the deal in Jerusalem and at Rachel’s tomb, and in the caves in galilee, where the man jesus christ (otherwise known as simon bar yochai) is alive again. As he predicted in the zohar, this is the aquarian age of miracles where the thoughts and the dreams and the hopes of mothers take root in the earth and bring forth another tree, which supplants the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The new tree is about no more choice, which is great. It means that if you choose evil, you will be removing yourself from this sphere, as you know you do not any longer belong here. If you know that there is no way but righteousness now, and you are willing to do the work required to increase it everywhere, then you will continue to build a vessel that will save you and those you love. stay strong and stay focused. stay united and stay in the middle. if you are not standing with the poor, you are on the wrong side of it. the meek are inheriting the earth. All they have to do is show up on the streets, and that is where they are all headed in the next sixty days. mighty oaks from acorns grow, they say.