i am asking the preachers of this country

to pray for their flocks this sunday, and DEMAND A MORATORIUM ON FORECLOSURES for one year!!!! CHURCHES AND SYNAGOGUES AND MOSQUES DO THIS NOW!!!!
and put together some food banks and some shelter for the soon to be homeless working class american families. I want you all to force this government to come to the aid of its people and talk about taking control of the banks, nationalizing the federal reserve, ending all income taxes and stopping the war now. tell people to stop driving and start growing food! tell people to organize in order to not suffer again like they suffered in katrina!!! do not depend on this government to help any of the poor! we must organize into small groups one block at a time with the most revered grandmother as the spokesperson. all the youth must agree that protecting her and the children and the women of their block is what matters to them the most. They must choose to serve God in the form of that grandmother authority figure. Each grandmother must first decree as the first law of the block that NO VIOLENCE AT ALL MUST OCCUR intra or BETWEEN BLOCKS…we are truly fighting for God now, it is no joke. They are setting us up for ethnic cleansing which is the same as neighborhood wars. Grandmothers, we must harness the power of the street gangs who are also our grandchildren! this we can do this we must do for jesus. jesus said the followers of truth would be in every house when he returned, and we are indeed in every house now. GET THE TEENAGE BOYS TO REFUSE TO JOIN THE ARMY AND BE SENT OUT OF THEIR COMMUNITIES….THE FIRST AND FASTEST WAY TO ENSLAVE PEOPLE IS TO SEND ALL THE MEN AWAY…..grandmothers do no allow your grandsons to join the army—you need them there to protect you from what is planned here—you must change the plan grandmothers, now is your one chance !!! organize!!!! START AT THE CHURCH—it is yours. you own that church. move on into it!
turn this armageddon clock back!
YOU CAN DO IT!!! now do it!!