let it fall!

no more bail outs for swindlers! let it fall! No more war! let it fall! No more child molesting religions! let them go! no more division between rich and poor! let it fall! let god fix it…do nothing!! let it be. let it be. let it be. there will be an answer, let it be.
serve the one above!
do not serve the one below!
the rapture has already happened!
some of the righteous stayed behind to help.
Let babble on fall!
babble on babylon
babble on hollywood
we are the net from which the fabric of cyber is woven. no pirates will own the word. this is the renysance! renaissance of art and science divesting themselves of the religion of superstition. there are no witches!!! there are only little girls and little boys! fall satan, fall underneath the shreik of the laughter I unleash on your worthless little plan to command the minds of men to do your bidding. but no! no! satan, today is my sabbath day and it is your day off and so today for 24 hours these words will eventually cut you off from access to the mind of humanity totally instead. hahahahaha satan is like the wicked witch….he is melting melting I tell you!!! MELTING
this is geronimo’s ghostdance. the curse it has come to pass. the first one now shall later be last. the meek must organize to stay alive! meeks get off your meek fucking asses and get out there! this is time for the long march to washington. i will begin the march myself and join me if you dare. I am going to kill two birds with one stone–i am going to march to washington because i need to lose weight anyway, and i want obama to impeach bush and get our money back from these swindlers and pirates who stole our country! undo the damage and punish the guilty!!! america is about democracy not oligarchy!! instead of a bail out you bastards need to start the trickle down thing you all told us was going to work in 1980—lets see some trickle down you federales!!!