praying for(directing thought) the death of religion:

religion is just about blood grudges, but to answer anyone’s questions about the genocidal nature of christianity toward non christians, (heathens) and towards jews (christkillers) i relate this: the time of the fullness of the gentiles is when all the jews have accepted christ, and the rest are dead. this is the secret code they use when discussing arming israel to the teeth–they all say that the jews will get a chance to accept christ upon his return which coincides with the rebuilding of the temple and armageddon. those who accept christ will be spared the destruction. this is what is preached by rick warren and all other evangelical preachers (actually closeted gays not talented enough to make it to broadway or vegas showbiz entertainers)..the coming of the fullness of the gentiles indeed. this is anti semitism ala mel gibson. the majority of the jews in this world do not identify as jews anymore, and are universalists who believe in peace and karma and justice. jews are not the same as the jews in the bible. people who think that way are idiots and bigots and worship a bronze age sky god, which is another name for IDOL. Jews need to escape the matrix!!! back away from judaism and become one world citizens! leave seperatism behind you!!! go to the light!!! go to the light-the dawn of rational thought…do not look back or be turned to salt!!