what i have learned:

that we are a weird species who wear the human suit. only one in a billion of us is able to grasp the concept of self awareness. Out of that billion of one in a billion folks who can think rationally, only about one or two of those can actually change themselves. It is a next to impossible task to do so. But everyone of these people is an expert in how every other person needs to change and what they need to do to do it too.
But, some of us have indeed changed ourselves, you might say that we have been saved from ourselves by accepting that a greater will than our own, the ALL calls the shots and not us. that thing that calls the shots and make stuff change and people change with it, that blows around the atoms and turns things green, that great and holy cycle called NATURE and NATURAL LAW is the highest level of spirituality that exists on this plane. we must heal our environment, and we must heal ourselves first. its all good.
now lets move on in our old story and make a new story that combines the holy parts of every single story about holy things. in that is a puzzle that spells out this: work for the common good seek solutions over profits, and actions over beliefs. stay in the material world, and learn to survive by storing water and food—one year’s worth for each family member. learn to lessen the pain of others around you and to share more and divest yourself of thoughts and wishes for an easy way out.
abandon all hope ye who enter here…hope is the enemy.
hope paralyzes people and makes them think that there is magic. there is no magic, only production. clones and cyborgs rule this day! the souls must find each other—only two thousand of them are needed to save the planet. two thousand souls—a soul is one who can change themself. i have changed and am looking for others to join me in encouraging change in the mind of mankind. evolve and breathe, evolve and breathe. let what is passing be purified and returned to the earth for good. rick warren believes there is such a thing as a witch. He supports child molesters and abusers who torture little girls in africa, and kill them by leveling the ridiculous charge of witchcraft over them.
by their fruits you shall know them.