after our meeting ohlmert

sent a camera crew to my hotel. they camped outside my room, and whenever i opened the door they jumped out and said “the mayor has sent us to tape you saying how much you love it here in israel.” i said “i am here on a spiritual mission, and cannot be in any way political. If you want me to come back here and help you with tourism, I will, and you can protect me with secret service and pay my way, but I am here on a meditation tour, and cannot do this now.” they said “the mayor personally asks you to help him by telling evangelical christians in america to bring more tourists here, as tourism is how israel survives”. the third time they said “the mayor asks that you help israel, which is in terrible trouble and who’s biggest supporters are american christians”. i said “does the mayor know that they want all jews to die in order to resurrect jesus”? they said “yes he knows but he doesn’t care, Israel needs money now for defense”. ruthie said: “she will not be used politically in any way, her only allegiance is to hashem”.