my son told me that

kids from his school said I was pro-palestinian and that they heard it on the news. Anyone who cares for my views can listen to me tomorrow on kpfk radio, (5pm) where I will be speaking with the founder of LA jews for Peace,(lillian laskin) and a resident of gaza, from gaza.
I told my son “I am not pro palestinian at all, but pro-peace”. He said : “who is getting bombed”? I answered: “the palestinians”.
“who is bombing them?” he asked, and I answered: “the israeli’s”.
“Okay, mom, I get it now”. he said. “You are on the side of the people who are being bombed, and not the side of the ones doing the bombing”.
“yes” i said.
I am terrified of fanatical zionists, but as a jew I will speak up for my people still. My people do not support the bombing of gaza. it is only the warmongering MINORITY of jews who do. the MAJORITY of Israeli jews are for PEACE!!! for my brothers and sisters in Israel who are being set up by the evil ones in their government, I promise you this: that like esther and judith, like deborah and miriam, I will speak up for you against those terrible people who want to destroy ISRAEL through unceasing wars with their neighbors.
We who seek peace for Israel are on the right side, and as the right wing government of Israel rattles the cage of Iran, I, like all the jewish women before me who vowed to resist the enemies of Israel and of Hashem (the G-d of peace) everywhere on earth, I trust Hashem to protect me as I use my voice to protect and assist the jewish people to the degree I am able to act to do so.