treatise: the people want peace!

the people want to be happy and have good jobs. The evil warlords are enriching themselves by employing the most desperate and disturbed pirates to rape loot and pillage. the people continue to come to shop at the poison bazaar. The people know they are ingesting poison, but are intoxicated by its brief initial euphoria, and have become addicted to it. the nazis were brilliant to hybrid a poison and a cure together. We can now decrease the population with certain plastics as faux-food that cause obesity as the human being starves to death! We are using our god given brains to serve the lust for death…oh well—change is here! some of us know how to serve the biosphere (goddess).
Will the human soon regenerate its own plastic organs?
Necropolis eats its own dead. It’s pirates now troll international waters. Nec-tech seeks to destroy the biosphere. It will destroy evil too though, along with the good and life itself. We must all now rejoice as evil is destroyed on this plane!
Whoever lives through this next horror will know this: we can fix this place still! all we have to do is take the correct action together…this sounds too simple i know, but IT IS SIMPLE! let’s take the correct action together. the first correct action, according to kabbalistic meditation (kavana) is to receive the godly thought, after clearing a place in the mind for it to enter…(parchment).
clear the mind.
in peace, receive the thought.
purify the thought
ground its energy into the earth.
now take action on the thought.
( this is “the secret” that everybody talks about–however, it is morally wrong to use this for personal gain or to make money—it is to be used for solutions that create a better world for ALL).