the united states of america

must condemn israel! american jews must condemn israel and boycott it in every possible way that we can! We must divest ourselves of any bonds, or stocks or holdings in that terrible country, as we did in south africa to end apartheid.
Exactly as it’s nazi mentors did to the jews of warsaw, Israel now bombs innocent civilians who have been imprisoned in concentration camps in gaza! the israeli government is inhuman! Zionists have sold their souls! They are killing unarmed people and dumping food in a cynical way so that the world will think they are not starving people there. but this is just a p.r. tactic! they are not sending food that is nutritious or good, it is just a cynical hitlerian type of trick, and while they do that, they sic their dogs on old women and shoot policemen! this is a total recreation of nazi germany in the ghetto of warsaw!…the zionists look german! the palestinians look like the jews of poland!!!
the jewish people have destroyed themselves in gaza.