the higher female mind/energy

is now synthesizing fact to arrive at a solution. self replicating rna is god. we are self replicating rna!!! we are god! we can stop war and feed all of the starving, treat the mentally ill and give medical care to every one on earth with just TWO MONTHS’ equivilent of the us military spending for war!!
the way of god is cheaper and it works!!
let’s come up with a new way to go—-barter in small communities will be the way we save ourselves. learn to grow food, store water, beans rice non perishables powdered milk and soy! anything green put into small pots and grow it indoors so we can eat it if we have to! dont forget to repent as soon as you can because the sky is falling!
israel has launched ww3..armageddon…israel has waged war on unarmed and undernourished civilians in ghettos who are also living through a blockade of health care providers, and Israeli state sanctioned terrorism that cuts electricity even to power hospitals where premature babies are slowly dying in useless incubators. this is what neo cons support!! this is what zionism supports!! this is what the united states of america can and must correct!! we can turn this whole thing around with the proper leadership!!!