I took son Buck to the premiere of the movie Defiance, because it included having dinner with and meeting Daniel Craig, upon whom I have a post menopausal crush, and while in line getting ready to give my name and get my seat assignment, I turned and saw Jon Voight standing right next to me. He did not see me, thankfully, but I turned and said, “Buck, we are leaving, come on.” “Why?” he demanded to know immediately. “Just shut your mouth and come on, I will tell you when we get back to the car.”
Getting into the car I said: “Because i called him a used tampon that should be flushed down the toilet.” “God, mom! Why did you say that?” he inquired. “Because I am an idiot with a big mouth that gets me into trouble all the time.” I stated. “Why did you say it though, what did he do?” Buck asked me, and I said ” Well, he supports Chabad who support settlements on Palestinian’s land in the middle east and that makes more terrorism, and plus he said Obama was a terrorist and not a good man.”
“Well, you were right to say it then, I think, mom, somebody should say something about all that.” “Yes, I think so too, i said, but maybe i shouldn’t have said the tampon part of it, although that IS the only way anything I say gets in the news anymore”
We decided instead to go see four christmases, and laughed when we saw Jon Voight was in it. That movie is just so well written and funny, we loved it. I tried to get Buck to go out to Pink’s afterward for a hotdog, but he said we should eat healthy instead, so we went home and had a crummy salad.
I got invited to benjamin button’s premiere, but thought I would run into pitt-jolie (I called her a poser and an imbecile for saying she liked Mccain and Obama both) so I just stayed home.
Having a big mouth is a drag, but I guess I will keep doing it. Everything else is just a big fat bore. I also hate chuck norris’ stupid and illinformed comments on the human events website. God, get off the viagra, chuck, it is making you nuts!
I hated that the enquirer said America hates Rosie Odonnell and that is why she had the low ratings for her variety show. I read some comments on a shitty NBC blog regarding Rosie’s show and one of them said: “she is a blowhard, I stopped watching her sitcom except for John Goodman.” LOL
Any woman with an opposing opinion is ridiculed here in the land of the free, home of the brave.
Johnny said people just think I am mental, and let it go at that. I just signed up to write a funny book. I will be telling all the true stories previously withheld, about my affairs with shwartznegger and george clooney, and johnny depp.