meditation for the pigs:

i am going to walk the fence with my amulets and priestess garb on tonight. we will see how the nut and avocado pirates take to that! I will be telling them to respect my boundaries on the highest telepathic level i can access tonight and tomorrow for shabbat! take note marauders!!! stay on your own side of the fence. you actually have more nuts and avocados on your side than I do on mine. pigs must share!!!
do not make me get my rifle! (have decided that shooting them is more humane than the islanders way of unleashing pit bulls on them and stabbing them thru the heart). Pele needs to be visibly more about the rarefied realms, and leave the cruelty behind! I will be creating a new kind of kabbalist tonight…join me 2 am hawaii time for connection to nature pele and deep communication with other beings of the four legged variety who do ultimately understand rational self interest (instinct)….don’t touch my nuts!!! roseanne’s nuts!