thought for the day

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:34 pm Post subject:
the vast majority of jewish people on earth want nothing to do with this kind of killing and have therefore left their religion by the droves seeking a better way to feel connected to people and to life. they are sick of being indoctrinated every waking moment of their lives and constantly shown pictures that are so brutal they bring instant trauma to the child forced to look. you guys have nothing without the high moral ground. take it, live it, die for it. If hashem wants the temple to be rebuilt, he will send someone to build it. they will be arab…they have built most things in your city with their labor. If allah wants the dome of the rock to be available to all, he will make it happen. let god decide the things of god, and the rest of you decide how to get along with each other and have human dignity and find solutions to keep food and water available to you.