god help america!

we have tried so hard for so long to do the right thing. help us help each other, father in heaven,
Dear God, please ask at this time for president bush and vice president cheney to step down from office right now, before more harm to our economy can happen by their friends who have bankrupted us and outlawed us from claiming bankruptcy! Lord, please move your spirit on nancy pelosi to demand the resignation of these criminals who lied to us and still lie to us to this day. Oh Lord, please move the lips of the preachers in this country to call for the resignation of the bush presidency, before there is no more money to feed the poor and the destitute that they created here. Please lord, protect our president elect and his family. please also lord, allow the words of president jimmy carter to be heard by americans. he has been completely censored by all media, because he does not blindly support israel. Lord, touch the hearts of your people the jews so that they might understand that you have more than one tribe that you love. please tell the muslims to lighten up on women, and please lord tell the catholics to use birth control. amen!!!