an american citizen

can now be prevented from leaving this country because of their beliefs and opinions. bush is not going to go. riots are going to insue, barack will be forced to bring marshal law. bush and cheney must resign now! they are orchestrating more destruction for this country!!! (its all just brown people now anyway, and nascar idiots, right, you two)? you will find tons of those people in the middle east now, even more desperate than these spoiled american workers who believe they are running things now. Let them eat cake! Howling about their rights…what rights? You two certainly have no rights! You have to give half of your money to pay for idiots who can’t stop having fourteen children each! (forget that it was you who prevented them from having birth control, mssrs). i am defarging it like a son of a bitch lately, i fear for my freedom sometimes, for having such a big mouth and for opposing the bill kristol bible thumpers who do not really even think that hashem exists. but hashem does exist. he is us.