middle daughter brilliant bride 2 b:

daughter has been concentrating on living a zero carbon footprint lifestyle for many years. i am so proud of her ethics and ability to share and serve her community and to further free thought, family healing and art in the world. she has just shot her first pilot which is a great pro-family show that americans of higher social consciousness should definitely welcome and enjoy! (I tried to force her to allow me to be the host, but she said they wanted a younger and sexier type of woman host than me). I tried to wash her mouth out with soap and ground her, but then realized that she is 34, and will kick my butt. she says she will put me in a rest home if i keep trying to run her life. oh well…at least i still have johnny to boss around. am in pele’s realm today and back to fighting pigs. I peed under the fence thinking they would stay away, and that didnt work, they have dug up all around the house. I will not give in or up. I will outwit these repiglicans if its the last thing i do!!!