let's throw off our torturous religious indoctrinations:

As soon as a person leaves his/her religion, he/she finds peace and wonder and justice and logic and the world makes complete sense for once! It is hard to leave after all the psychological abuse and terror that is done to a child in order to make that child into a “believer”. A “believer” is one who gives up the right to use his/her thought processes for anything other than ways to regurgitate the downloaded sanctioned programming done to him/her by an elitist and parasitical priest class that lives in socialist luxury and contributes nothing. This teaches the grown child to oppose any measures as an adult that require his/her Political Action Committee (“faith” “religion”) to pay its fair share of tax in order to protect its real estate holdings from fire or theft or vandalism. This living off the people’s money is a lifestyle that allows time and cover to pedophiles and sexual deviants who do not have to conform to society’s norms in any way. These parasites and child abusers criminals thieves and deviants “counsel” the people who’s money they con away with fake issues of “morality”. For instance, as they plead the plight of embryos and zygotes, they stir up the drums of illegal war against living children who’s parents practice “unsanctioned religions”. As they deny the right of marriage to gays, they allow child marriage and multiple wives to the elite of their own cults.
The jewish religions’ PACs direct the flow of america’s tax money to create a system of racial and ethnic cleansing against palestinians while decrying the inhumane treatment of jews by nazis in ww2. Teaching children to accept caste and class is the real goal of all world religions, who function as the front office to capital.
Tied for worst place in all of this horror and degradation of children are the teachings by ALL religions that women should be shrouded and hidden uneducated and submissive, their power their voices their faces feared and loathed.