let's get rid of tax exempt status for church pacs

we citizens gay and straight pay for the police and the firemen that protect the property of the mormon church, which spans entire blocks of los angeles and orange county. let’s stop doing this until this backward hateful racist and homophobic organization which allows child and plural marriage organization called the mormon church steps up and becomes american, and starts to respect the laws of freedom that this country was based on!!! the church is going down over prop 8..this is my prophecy!!!
repent ye sinners and transgressors of the message of the prince of peace!!!!
the catholic church will go down over being a pac for abortion overturn.
the jewish religion will go down for being a pac for aipac!!!
render unto caesar what is his and unto god what is god’s…christ wanted sep. of church and state..
repent ye right wing hypocrites and defilers of the body of christ!