anne frank house

anne frank was an awesome role model for me as a girl growing up in slc utah. I identified with the idea of having to hide the fact that i was a jew there. It was not looked on as a good thing at all. I had my poetry then though, and I could contain my desolation enough to pass. Because I was divided like many americans are (I recognize it since i am no longer divided, but integrated and healed from ptsd and did) also.
Americans cannot easily connect the dots, as they have been groomed for abuse and still do not confront their tormentors. To do that, they would have to realize the level of the abuse they have lived with here, where a handful of tastemakers/consensus builders program them to be useful idiots and betray their own children’s future education and health care. They are trying to do the godly thing, trying to sacrifice for what is right, what they have been told is right, that is…
america is under heavy judgement right now for this terrible war of ethnic genocide against several tribes in the middle east.