Joe the plumber now made immortal by McCain, is a skinhead racist who when interviewed yesterday said, “Obama tap dances almost as good as Sammy Davis Jr.” Hey, Joe, I hope nobody ever hires you to clean the backed up crap out of their toilets again, and that you lose your business completely. You are an “America Hater” and you should be penalized for that.
McCain was wearing his best viagra tainted Republican Sneer in the debates last night, as he referenced Piggy Joe over and over again, reassuring him in coded language that his “white” wealth would not be spread around to the “n**gers” in a McCain Presidency.
McCain tried to contain his racist disdain for the man seated across from him who bested him intellectually and morally but, as with Palin, attempting to conceal the racism of their campaign now after they have “played the race/terrorist/Hussein card” for weeks, only reveals it more clearly to the viewer. The camera doesn’t lie. Obama telegraphed dignity and intelligence out into the ether and included all Americans, even McCain.