old jews in florida!!!:

vote for Obama! Israel needs to make peace with its neighbors and that is what the dems will make them do. Peace will come if we want it!!! without peace there can be no Israel!!!! Bill Kristol is a shonda and meshugganah!!!! He put Mccain and Bush where they are and now Mccain wants to kick all the jews out of wall street and washington!!! wake up, the republicans hate jews, and only love your money!!!!!!! they want all the jews in israel to die so that Jesus will return. this is the unholy secret alliance that was struck between right wing jews and evangelists!!!! Jesus is already here anyway, so that whole idea is bogus!!!! Jesus is here in the minds of an entire generation that is crying out for peace and tolerance and a post racial justice in america!!! vote on behalf of your grandchildren, who will inherit what you leave them!!!! do it for the grandkids, bobbe! vote Obama!!!!!!!