go hillary!!!

you are a great woman!! Today when you said that you would not seek ever again to run for President, you were taking the legs out from under the Puma movement who claims that they are backing McCain in order to press for your return to the presidential race in 2012. These “undecided” dems are threatening to vote for Palin-Mccain to show Obama that they think he is a two faced lying sexist who cheated his way to the top of the ticket. By publicly removing yourself, and backing Obama as the only hope the middle class has at this time shows your sheer political genius, and your commitment to a more balanced America!
You continue to fight for the working people of this country and so am I Hillary!! Now it is crystal clear that if they continue to back McCain, they are racists pure and simple. They will deserve to be shunned by all women who claim to be feminists, fair minded, pro hillary or sane. If you go on their puma website you will be astounded at the level of their self righteous racist attacks on Obama. If you question their racism you will be erased automatically. Palin is a dupe and a fembot doing cheney’s bidding all the way. You need to take care of that special baby you brought here, Ms. pro-family Palin!