palin is smirking

when people scream “Kill him” and “traitor” at Barack Obama behind her at one of her race rallies. This is shocking and shameful to every american. As the right wing today tries to take acorn apart, the truth is that for every acorn voter registered incorrectly, two actual registered voters are being kicked off the rolls. If ever there was a time to vote, this is that time. this vote is about whether or not working class votes are to be counted at all. People who are losing their homes are also losing their votes. A proper address for a certain amount of time is required to vote!! They seek to accomplish this in order to win unfairly again. by encouraging women to support a woman candidate. women, don’t fall for this by thinking that palin’s winking at your man makes her one of you. that’s what being a beauty queen is all about. palin is ugly to the core.