for those whom i loved and harmed

with bent words of fear and
a broken mind
for thoughts of healing that became instead
divisive and hateful
I forgive you for any part you played in the
warp of time that seperates us
I hold myself accountable according to the horrors
i could name now and again forever
but in the place beyond words
i silently attach to your memory
and feel the light of it across
the faultlines that still rumble
after the big quake
where you gathered all that you had
hidden and kept holy
and explained briefly about how you were right
and wronged
and I understood and released you
from responsibility and instead took it for myself
as from the first
and then released myself from it too
it when released bloomed against gravity and
became the tree of life.
my prayer is for your soul and for mine.
I feel you reaching down to lift me up and i
feel myself reaching down too and lifting you up
for this time travel that you asked me to do for you from my world
through time and space to your world with god now.
may you rest in peace, beloved father