palin's use of the key word, jerusalem:

with all of the rest of her blithering memorized bullshite about the “middle class”-[she means business owners-the bill signed by nanci pelosi today marks the end forever of a MIDDLE CLASS IN AMERICA, RIP]-Ms. Sarah slipped in the BIG DOOZY— building our US embassy in Jerusalem!!! This is a declaration of war against the entire Arab world, and is delivered to them in the name of the american taxpayer. It is tantamount to saying this: “there will never be peace in the middle east, we will never share jerusalem with Muslims”. She followed that up with a smirking: “Oh, Joe, I’m so happy to hear that you love Israel!” ( lots of archives here about sharing jerusalem)
I wish Joe would have said something about the zionist sabre rattling for war with the entire arab world, [Iran} but I think it missed him, and I wonder why it missed him?
McCain’s brain, Bill Kristol, has announced his plan for war with Iran during the week of Rosh Hashannah through the smiling tattooed on lips of British Petroleum’s dupe, Sarah Palin. holy wars are unholy.
If the jewish people in Israel are to survive, they must divest themselves of the right wing bible thumpers who control their government. I know how hard they are fighting and have fought for years to do this exact thing. I want to send my positive wishes and thoughts to the Israeli people who want to live in peace with their neighbors. Israel must give back all occupied lands, back to the 1967 border, or die. Palin is opposed to these things as is john mccain. the older jewish people in florida have been lied to and told that John Mccain is tougher on behalf of israel than is Obama. This is a complete and utter CANARD!
Obama has a wider circle of peacemakers than does Mccain. Mccain looks at peace in the middle east as being a complete FAILURE!!!! peace is victory according to Torah!!!