Harry Potter, Treasury Secretary

I really wish he was wearing the pointy wizard hat with the stars-and-planets when he “explained” to us how we need to borrow another gazillion dollars and give it to these big lenders whose ass-ets vanished into thin air.
Apparently, we’re beyond screwed if we don’t HURRY UP and borrow 700 Billion to give them so we can borrow it from them. Quick! This NOT borrowing more money to borrow is getting us deeper and deeper into the hole! See?
One “good” thing about the Borrowing-money-to-Give-to-Them-to-Lend-Us “Solution” : Chances are we’ll get less than nothing for our money. Whew! What a relief! If we actually got to own the companys we’re keeping from going out of business – THAT would make us (OMG) SOCIALISTS!
Oh, People, are we dodging a bullet, or what? Thanks, LEADERS! (Those Senators must be so tired – – now – it’s Miller Time!)