Crisis? Yeah? – Some questions for everyone from Johnny:

It’s ironic when telling people NOT to panic makes YOU the crazy one!
Could this “crisis” mostly be on paper? That’s where the Financial wizards kept all their Science Fiction Future “value and equity” that nobody can find, now, but they were so good at selling and spreading real thin. You know, the place where Bush wanted to put everybody’s Social security and retirement funds awhile back? Good Old Wall Street. Welcome to the Shock Market! That’s where Bush got Henry Paulson. Or – was it the other way around?
Let’s look beneath their house of cards at the foundation that the REAL elitists forget is truly holding everything up. Has everyone quit working at everything? Have the crops stopped growing in the fields? Have the chickens stopped laying eggs? Did the sun get nervous about its future – and decide not to extend any more energy resources our way? Are literal roofs caving in all over the world in response to all that bad paper that was sold and now isn’t worth the paper it was printed on? No.
So, the question that remains? Who or what along the whole great fabric that really gets us all from one day to the next is stamping their little feet and wrinkling up their eyebrows and saying that “we” are just too depleted and screwed and it’s all going over the falls? What do YOU think? Looks like the rich paper-pushing speculators and double-talkers to me.
How huge are the balls on The Free Marketeers like Paulson, Bush, McCain and all the rest who tell us they HATE taxes while insisting they have to shove the debt catheter further into the peoples’ last good vein?
Bush and McCain told us the Economy is sound just a few days back. Were they: A.) Lying? or B.) Too dim and out-of-touch with bedrock reality to be President?
Just asking… Who am I to question these brilliant, powerful “Public SERVANTS?” – One last question: Who do you HAVE to be?