please read my friend and idol mary daly:

What Mary Daly had to say so upset the publishers of the New Yorker, that many of the writers resigned and Tina Brown lost her job. All of this was engineered by Maureen Dowd, who is a catholic ringer. I was the guest editor of the first woman’s edition of the new yorker, home of dorothy parker, the only female chair at the alonquin roundtable. I forgive you, maureen dowd, for on yom kippur i will ask forgiveness for myself! Mary Daly was the first woman ever designated to become a catholic priest. read about what happened to her, how she has been hounded and blacklisted by academia, but mary daly is of the librarian tribe (the women’s tribe of israel) and she got to look upon the holy hidden books that men in dresses and jewels hide from ragged old street women who live by their wits! (read my seeking contact chapter in archives.) ps many of you have become characters in the story i am writing.