letting go of fear meditation:

after reaching silence/ solitude/oneness, “the silence” (archives are here)
concentrate your breathing just behind the sinuses. breathe slowly to where you crave oxygen, and your lungs scream at you to let go, do not do it …hashem is there. release your breath and breathe normally. this exercise will increase your reaction time to shock and awe that is coming. Be prepared to witness the october putsch. Your votes have been mandated. goodbye america, goodbye israel, goodbye polar bears and goodbye dry land. The Twin Towers of Money and Religion, FALSE GODS!!! were felled and now the true god emerges: SHE IS GREEN!!! all hail she who is and is now risen. the death of patriarchy, who’s goal is the death of our mother the green earth. The demons of perpetual war have won everything!! no time to grieve, saints!
For the children of the twelve tribes, this time holds the most promise of the negative becoming positive…our own negativity which allowed the beast free roam, is now needing correction…ACTION!!! Thus, the new god we will have named as our symbol for a new age, will be the god of rational self interest. this is the true god.