i am making my innermost

thoughts about G-d public. I wonder if they are like yours or not? I realized that I am G-d, and this thought means I am clinically insane. the study of kabballah makes one go insane because it makes one understand that there is no seperation between ourselves the earth the cosmos and the most high G-d. Having this thought means you are a “candidate” (how telling a word) for psychotropic drugs. women who feel no seperation from G-d are the enemy of the beast.
In reality (not religious myth anymore) a society really is defined by the way it treats its old spiritual women. America was great because it allowed that voice on the public airwaves at one time. That voice was the voice of reason in an age of insanity. that voice was eleanor roosevelt. They couldn’t rest until they had burned her and erased her work. the voice of rosa luxemburg inspired her. read about luxemburg and then get back to me on reincrnation. Hashem is about “mercy balanced judgement”.