republicans want to steal every american's home

and sell it to someone from India, China or Saudi Arabia. The americans that are put out into the streets will go either to prison or the army, or try to sneak across the mexican border to find work. They are indeed plastering lipstick on a pig to try to win this one last election, so that they can overturn the entire struggle of women for equality. This they do with Palin as the lure to appeal to the racism in middle class white women to keep white america white. Unbeknownst to the white american voter, the white middle class is the next intended target of the republican party. If they can bilk it of its structure and its wealth, they can build another middle class in India who will buy chinese goods at reduced prices and be excited to work for low wages for a while. The white middle class will become completely disenfranchised in this vote cycle, as the working class was in the last two elections. GREEN PARTY MOVES MIDDLE ON THE WORLD STAGE.
At the local store yesterday
Bread $5.29 a loaf
Bacon $4.49 a pound
Milk $4.28 a gallon