mcCain's friends:
for the people who complain about obama’s associates,(ayres, wright rezko) here is proof that McCain’s associates are child molesting polygymists who hate america and who have been awarded government contracts by McCain’s state of ARIZONA. They take that money and build their “churches”. This they call “bleeding the beast”. They gave alot of money to mccain, and lots more to the republican party that grants them favors. The reason they are granted favors is because alot of Mormons work for the fbi and the cia, and government and despite what reid and romney and other mormons who “pass” tell americans about their religion, they ALL believe that in heaven there is plural marriage, and no women get there unless their husbands bring them in, and they can only be brought into heaven by agreeing to allow their husbands more than one heavenly wife…these are mccain and palin’s friends. The evangelical movement was born at BYU, where gays were experimented on to turn straight. When they couldn’t they were excommunicated, and founded the evangelical movement as a PAC. They tried to outlaw gay marriage, thinking that task would keep their largely closeted following on the “right side” of the anti-gay Gay movement. McCain and Palin are both aware of the “underground railroad” that moves 12-16 year old caucasian girlchildren from alaska to mexico, so that the pedophile polygymists can have a fresh supply of them to marry and to make breeders. this is not made up! Every politician in the west knows about this and turns the other way for graft and for power. This is the time when holy books are appearing again. the pearl of great price is a holy book of kabballah.