if i am reading the mood correctly:

it seems that women are wanting to vote for a woman right now. This i have stated here for at least four years. McCain is the candidate who brings the woman who speaks in [forked] tongues. She is waging a one woman campaign in alaska to disavow every remaining treaty with alaska’s native tribes. She is not even filing her lawsuits with the attorney general (the people’s attorney) in alaska, but with sen. ted stevens brother in law’s firm… a private firm is doing battle against the government’s treaties with native people there. They have a guaranteed legal right to subsistence fishing and hunting.
First the polar bears and then the indians, as it was back in the day…
first the buffalo and then the indians.
She is for ethnic almost-cleansing in alaska in order to drill for oil in the native people’s holy sites [burial grounds] and internationalize the profits. corporate feudalism.
Riding in a helicopter rather than on horseback shooting down all the enemies of the american jewishchristian way of life…she is annie oakley indian fighter!
Wild Wild West!!! the cowboy gone girly!