i dreamed i would help a black woman who is a true follower of christ’s message. How weird that the day is here. The vision was a cowboy on a horse who floated into the window and then grew ten times his size inside the room, as his finger elongated, and pointing to me, nullified all the fears and curses that attend the genocide of one’s entire family, as well as it’s belongings, and even photographs. The cowboy told me that one day i would be called to stand for truth, and that when that day came I could not refuse. I was three years old, and that was the initial split of my personality. The one who received the message was immediately placed inside the protection of the one who must conceal the message. It’s very funny that kaballah speaks of the inner opponent. The Kabballah, which is still being hidden from women, also speaks of the inner self helper, as does all the literature and the studies about multiple personality disorder as some of us call it now. In other words, the mind shields the truth from itself. Truth is the destroyer of untruth, and yet untruth can never defeat it. I was glad to hear the pope say that evil cannot defeat good, but that good can definitely defeat evil…what times we are living in, when armed with only the truth of the WORD, evil topples. After all the integration therapy, and healing from mental illness, the message had been received and protected and unchanged…the truth is that we are a being that asks itself questions and then invents the answers…little computers!