though I am a feminist

If (white) women vote for sarah palin over obama, because of his race, then I support revoking the nineteenth amendment. For women to use their vote to give government more power over women’s freedom proves that they are mentally unfit to cast an informed vote for a decent leader. This was the argument that men who opposed female suffrage used, and it worked for several decades. Perhaps our collective mental state is deficient after all, I think while watching Sarah Palin. I can see how republican men would not want her for their president, if say, old johnnymac bites it (two years tops). She will obviously do whatever she is told to do by the oil companies she works for, so republicans love that. But, if those oil companies oppose attacking Russia, she is going to be put into a bind. She is a devout evangelical. Her minister will remind her that Gog must destroy Magog, (us v. russia) as per the Book Of Revelations,in order to begin the battle of Armageddon in which all the jews in Israel must die, so as to hasten Jesus’ return. Republicans will prefer the oil business profits to Christ’s return, so they should actually vote for Obama!
Her church advocates using a meditation that is practice for shutting down your critical thought processes so that you can speak in “tongues” ( jibberish which is called “receiving the gift of the holy spirit”). A vote for her is a no brainer, and I really mean a no brainer.