Republican Socialism on the march! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Government just let out the news, this morning! They ARE using our money (taxpayers) to bail out those mammoth lending institutions. We’re stuck with the bill. I would say we’ll “own” those institutions…but – Oh, NO! That would be something that a “dangerous” Socialist like Hugo Chavez would do; he would NATIONALIZE the lending industry and all the citizens would OWN these huge outfits! Oh, my GOD! Can you imagine, for example: ALL the people of a country owning ALL the oil beneath it? Crazy, right Cornservatives?
Our “leaders” would never perform such a sacreligious deed at the altar of unimpeachable Capitalism. No! Would they “let” the people, the whole Nation, OWN that “mighty” industry even though they PAY for it? Never! That way lies madness to the McCains of this cockeyed “Conservative” Coup. They, after all, want Government to stay out of Business’s business. Yeah, while the money’s pouring IN. But when the greedy, dishonest “entrepreneurs” screw up….”HELP!” They whine. “Where’s our enormous Welfare check?”
The Lending Clusterfuck: Of course, it’s okay for us to PAY for it. We can “bail it out” – again! – we can “buy” it, basically – we just can’t HAVE it.
The balls of The Right Wing in The US have now, in my estimation, officially eclipsed the Planet. They HATE, above all, to PAY taxes and they act like anyone who dreams of raising them is a dangerous heretic. But they sure love to spend them, don’t they?
Good Luck from Johnny, Citizens!