mccain moves ahead by four-ten points in the polls

Obama should have picked Hillary, every single poll in america told him to do that, and the polls told him too that women would turn against him if he didn’t. He risked it all, and placed the future of middle america in jeopardy for his vanity. Palin is his payback for not doing so. She is also right wing payback to women for supporting a woman (Hillary) in the first place. You have to admire so much about her though, you cannot help but do that. She is not what she appears however, she is an enemy of women’s rights and equality. She is the republican painted bird, the perfect female candidate/beauty queen/fertility goddess for an increasingly locked down America.
The week before the rnc I wrote here that if Mccain chose a woman, it would be a brilliant move, and he just might pull it out. I also wrote here that if Obama made appointing Hillary to the Supreme Court part of his promise, he could clinch it. In February, I told Obama to bow to the women, I could see that he had a huge and devastating blindspot there. Somehow, he still continues to marginalize the deciding factor. Lefties are so often passive aggressive, and seem to prefer to prove a point rather than to succeed. I feared all along that he could only win against Hillary, having marshaled all the forces of sexism to his side against her. It didn’t take alot of brains for rove to see that sexism was the democratic achilles heel. The republicans are really sneering now, and taunting too. Guiliani was jubilant in his disdain for the black community that Obama helped move from welfare to work. The republicans tell black people and other minorities to pull themselves up by their bootsraps, and when like barack and michelle, they do, then they call them elitists.