today's meditation on letters ADN and I

My moment of truth in Hawaii: admitting finally that my view of the world and of my place in it is insane. I have attempted to adjust the insanity definition and make it broader my whole life, as I believe the definition of that word is the cause of everything bad. I do not feel that I am insane at all, and am resisting the definition of sanity because it seems itself insane to me. It makes no sense to me that people who have visions must hide for fear of being branded crazed or a witch. I knew from a very early age that I was crazed and a witch by patriarchal definition. I knew too however, because I was shown it by a being from another dimension who appeared to me and said: “You will talk about the (female) Shekkinah and her temple priestess and be a witness for he/she/ it. You are the only one in your world who is not crazy , and you will always need to reverse what is being said and then reverse it double. Here is the code you will use to stay sane in an insane world: You will see signs that tell you that you are right. If you do not see the sign immediately, then it is not a sign. Signs happen immediately and not outside the NOW. The sign that you are right will be: everyone thinks YOU are crazy. They will shake their heads roll their eyes, argue or ignore you, but they will always appear not to listen…the only ones who do listen will be the insane and the drunkard…then you will have reached the higher place, and that is the place where fame and money mean nothing to you…then and only then will you be able to plant the seed of the tree of life, and help to raise an army of the insane who will using their combined insanity, recreate reality as a place so insane that it will actually worship inner peace.”
{I knew at age three that this plane called “existence” was a correction, a punishment, a prison where the realization that witnessing for (christ) Higher Mind meant being cut off from the world. I realized that this place is hell itself, and that we go up and down the ladder of that realization.
At the top of the ladder is the positive negative and at the bottom is the negative positive. In between those two poles are the rungs of consciousness of polarities.
Reviling one of the poles as untouchable allows it to attach to you. (freud said where there is a fear there is a wish). The only way to cure insanity is by paying homage to its’ force field and then telling it about the FACT that it serves sanity not defeats it. How do we do that ? We gird ourselves with a shield called truth, which destroys resistance and we become brave enough to reconcile opposites! When you are using the laser of your mind to witness truth to darkness, you are removing yourself from hell and fulfilling your duty to humanity}.
When those who have no visions regard you as insane, you are assured that you have planted within their reality the seeds that grow completely protected in their dreamstate, and remain dormant there until the dreamer hears the magic word and awakens. The word is: “mind’seye”. (adonai). the mind’s eye is where all battles begin and end, and where the pharmaceutical-military industrial complex now targets as the new battleground….cyberspace on the net. what can be imaged will exist. the age of the graven image is upon us.