McCain – The Socialist Candidate. by Johnny

I’m not being cute with the Socialist tag. Has McCain ever had a job in the private sector? Repubs like to talk about their distaste for government but they sure cling to it for their paychecks and privileges, don’t they?
Limbaugh and shameless shills like him love to badmouth “big, intrusive government programs” but is there anything more bloated than the Military budget? That’s been the major meal ticket for generations in the McCain Family. And talk about Socialism! What’s more “Socialized” than the benefits afforded Senators, for example? Or, the way they provide for the men and women in the Military who they send around the world to fight their battles: they get socialized housing, medical and dental care, retirement, survivors’ benefits and on and on. I’m not bitching about it – I think that everybody should have the deal that politicians have and that they provide for those who fight wars for their private companies while we taxpayers foot the bill for it, and receive NONE of these benefits for ourselves.
They hate the word ‘Socialist’ and insist that government is ineffective when it comes to fixing things for working people who need help – but they sing a different tune when a gigantic Capitalist enterprise like Bear Stearns screws up and loses billions of dollars, taking worldwide confidence in our currency down with them. Suddenly, the guys who hate Welfare for poor, hungry people are ready to wheel out The Wall Street Socialism Machine and gush tons of taxpayer money to bail out these greedy jerks who sell bad mortgages…then sell them, again, to greedier jerks.
The Democrats suck, too, but nobody double-talks like a Republican. For example:
on another topic: can you believe they’ve accused Obama of playing “the Race card?” This is from the Party whose candidate sat atop the only State in the Union that rejected the Martin Luther King Holiday to the bitter end and who publicly calls people “Gooks” and doesn’t apologize for it. Obama’s the racist? Man, These pricks on the Right have balls the size of major planets!