the women of

my generation chose to work within the system (democratic party politics) instead of trying to attack it from the outside, as we were bullshitted into doing by liberal voices like ted kennedy. We got what we deserved when our main agent/spokesperson Hillary Clinton was bludgeoned by the male power structure in that party. It is what we always knew would happen when any woman gets too powerful in any structure within patriarchy. Maybe after a man from every race and nationality on earth has a chance to fuck things up, it will be time for a woman. Unfortunately we will be long dead by then. Let’s just do it anyway. let’s start with pelosi, and replace each and every democratic party holder with an independent green feminist. Let’s hold the rich responsible for all the damage they have caused the poor. Let’s make anderson enron, mccain, keating, el dorado savings and loan and the entire bush family, and the cheney’s pay back every stolen dime, and go to prison for life for unwarranted murder in iraq. Let’s start there.