october surprise:

as I predicted it: Obama’s vote to kill babies born alive after partial birth abortion is the thing republicans have up their sleeve. Michelle was the fund raiser that made it possible, and they have her on tape defending women’s right to kill their babies who refuse to die from having their brains sucked out. When the catholics get wind of that, they will have to decide whether to abandon their religion or vote for mccain. It’s so funny that howard dean would have misread that reality and picked the only democrat that couldn’t win. Well, even if Barack does win, he has made himself into a republican anyway, and alienated his own base, in addition to the base of the rest of the dem party (baby boomer women). This is so great because the green party can make its platform the democratic party’s own platform this month in denver!!!! do it sisters!!! conjuring the soul and message of EUGENE DEBBS!!! come on now acorn voters…go green!! Go and listen to Cynthia Mckinney speak in Denver!! Make the democratic party green!