(the following is the column of John Argent and it doesn’t neccessarily reflect the views of the proprietor of this website).
by John Argent
They say that Hilary’s brilliant ad (the scary 3 AM phone call with the sleeping children images) made the difference for her and swung enough voters away from Obama to stop his winning streak. Whatever works, I guess.
Remember how a couple of weeks back she sat on the stage with him and said that she was proud to be running against him and that however things turned out, we the people would be alright? That’s a far cry from the ad I just mentioned which basically says that your kids lives are in danger if an untested rookie like Obama gets anywhere near the White House. So, she says, the most important issue is who has the most experience when it comes to protecting the country. See where this is going? If keeping us and our children safe is the central issue in this campaign (after all, who needs health insurance or jobs if you’ve just been beheaded by the Islamo-Fascist hordes waiting to spring out and get us the minute the super-experienced President stops killing or scaring them off sufficiently?)….then wouldn’t the only choice by Hilary’s reckoning be John McCain? He was learning to kill and scare evildoers when Hilary was in grade school.
There you have it: in one fell swoop, Hilary 1.) has shown Obama to be scary and unfit to be President because it’s all about experience with scary people and he has less of that than her 2.) shown herself to be an opportunistic flip-flopper because ten days before that she publicly stated that we’d be just FINE with him as President if that’s how the voting goes, and 3.) Basically validated John McCain’s assertion that it’s all about experience and he’s got the most, there, by far.
Wow! You have to give it to the Republicans: who would have guessed that Hilary’s slimeball Campaign honcho Mark Penn was working for Karl Rove? McCain can breathe easy and start “walking for President” now and just show Hilary’s clips where she’s calling Obama “fine” …..then, after two weeks of getting her ass kicked “explaining” how scary it would be for us and our children if that clueless neophyte got anywhere near the White House. Triple play Hilary: Obama BAD, Hilary Flip-Flopper on the most important issue, McCain, the best protector of the three by her reckoning.
Guess I’ll be voting for Nader, now. He probably has a better chance than Obama OR Hilary now that she’s poisoned the well by saying it IS all about being scared and having experience with scaring scary people. If there’s one thing McCain’s got the experience edge in it’s scaring people worse than they scare us.
And the home…………of the………….BRAVE (?)