Johnny's take on the news:

I read the Business Section in the paper every morning (Yes, I’M the one) and that’s where they hide the really terrifying, sensational, blockbuster news beneath dry headings beyond which they know most people won’t read . A Hollywood star’s drug overdose holds a lot more interest for the average person who still has beer and movie money than some “boring” crap about the impending collapse of the Dollar or the death of the Oceans. Big Media has us trained. Somebody has to do it…keep us distracted, that is.
I thought I’d drop a few words in here about how the Chinese are just about to start wiping their butts with dollars. That’s all…just a few words. Money is not patriotic – Surprise! Oh, by the way, almost half the world is Chinese.
In the spirit of the ever-shrinking attention span, (anybody still with me?). I’ve crafted the following Economic-Political mini Lesson. It’s in the form of a question:
“How long did we figure that less than 5% of the Earth’s people could eat HALF the pie while EVERYBODY ELSE watched?”
Citizens of The World: Welcome to the future!