johnny's valentine to american politics

I’m the least repulsed and offended by Obama, which is my version of a ringing endorsement. Nobody can pass through the near-endless, cutthroat Capitalist, Fascist Filtration System which is the American Presidential Reality Show and then seriously threaten the Status Quo that the country’s proprietors keep firmly in place. Having said that, the prime consideration for me is: which candidate might still have even the faintest memory of NOT being in power. I think that’s as close to having a strength as Obama’s going to get.
Let’s face it, in order to provide or preserve jobs or, for that matter, do much of anything in a system where even God is money’s bitch, a politician (or Junior Partner in America, Inc. as I think of it) has to have their head so far up Big Money’s ass that they can’t see daylight – then the lights are turned out, again, and we can go back to staring at Britney Spears.
Even the voting charade is part of the racket but it IS the part where everybody on the plantation gets to stand up and be counted, usually fraudulently as in recent “elections.” Lots of people know it’s fixed so they don’t bother. The proof? If they gave a $100 bill away to each voter, zillions of disenfranchised people would show up. But they don’t…and they don’t – which pretty much shows that countless millions know that their vote’s not even worth a hundred bucks.
If there was more of a Socialist system in place, things might improve for a lot more people, but that would leave the tiny fraction of Americans who are the most “successful” tragically short of sports cars and ski vacations, and that is utterly unacceptable in our Democracy. The successful people, like the ones in Government only like Socialism when it’s time to collect taxes or tell soldiers that it’s time to go far away and shoot people for Freedom in countries that we haven’t sold weapons of mass destruction lately. We’re #1 in weapons sales. (Yay! You can’t take THAT away from us!!)
So, yeah…I’m rooting for The Black Guy with the Arab middle name. It won’t make tons of difference anytime soon, but the rest of the world might hate us a little less and that’s better than nothing. Right?
Anyway, once the new President puts his hand on the book about the man who lived in a whale and swears to uphold what’s left of the Constitution, it’s only a few months till the next Presidential campaign, so….No worries!