has featured this blog as one of the worst incoherent celebrity blogs in existence. That’s a thumb’s up as far as we are concerned. Aol sells all personal info to the fbi, and so if they think I suck, then things are definitely looking up!
Folks.. this is true. In addition to them tracking and recording your every move on the internet, they have become a government test bed for internet censorship. For those of you still on aol, you are not only being monitored under a microscope, you are also being censored and often charged more for products and services. There are many sites that you go to, that test your browser, and if you are on aol, your content is altered, often charging you more for products and services, in addition to censoring the content on sites.
You don’t have to take my word for it. You can easily test this. Select about 10 sites, some of them that offer products for purchase, and view them through your aol account, and then view them on a different computer that is not using an aol account.
aol will tell you that they are just making things easier for you… HA!