bush is in yerushalayim

in the city of david, at the king david hotel. My family name is david. I am from the house of david.
Bush pushes to partition Jerusalem, and for once I agree with him. There is no other way to go for israelis. Jerusalem must be shared in order to have world peace. Is Israel a democracy or a theocracy?
The US must stop sending 30 cents of every taxed dollar to Israel’s dangerous and irresponsible nuclear arsenal. Israel has 600 nuclear weapons, courtesy of the israeli lobby and its american supporters.
Most of the right wing jews and christian zionists here in america would never live in israel for a second, so out of their own guilt they instead arm it to the teeth, thinking that at least they are helping to make it more secure in the face of its “enemies”.
This type of thinking (bill kristol’s) is as stupid as anything Bush has ever said or done. You make PEACE with your neighbors to be secure, not war.
Bill Kristol and his ilk have pocketed and grown fat on american taxpayer money, and built another walled-in ghetto for jews to live in, cut off from the economy of the area around them, just like in Warsaw, Poland.
Bill Kristol needs to leave the us and go live there himself, as do speilberg and any other american that promotes zionism.
As a jew myself, I say that there is no blood covenant between anyone and God. God does not require hatred and division, war and seperatism at all. I hope that jews will come to their senses and leave childhood ritual abuse and programming behind and enter a new age bravely breaking away from proscribed religious slavery of the mind.
bob marley (rastafarian jew):
“free yourself from mental slavery,
none but ourselves can free our minds,
have no fear of atomic energy,
for none of them can stop the time.
How long will they kill our prophets
while we stand aside and look,
some say its just a part of it,
we’ve got to fulfill the Book…
won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom,
they’re all i’ve ever had,
redemptions songs, redemption songs.”
(I pray for the redemption of jews from fear and hatred and isolation).