just read how she was on ritalin as a child…virtually every kid who has gone on a shooting rampage in every school in america has a history of being given this drug as a youngster. They are often given these drugs when their parents are addicts or alcoholics and lack the patience to take care of their children. These poor kids become the symptom bearers for their brain addled parents like britneys parents were (are?). That ritalin lays the groundwork for oxycoton and all the other drugs, (meth, coke) that these same kids end up taking as young adults.
The pharma companies know that they are destroying an entire generation of school children but money is money to them. Like Bush knew that attacking an innocent country who had no army was an illegal and immoral act, but since our economy was actually destroyed on 9-11 ( the real conspiracy that we are not told about), he had to create a war in order to rev up the military industrial complex full steam in order to show “economic growth” for america’s top corporations…which sadly are the ones that sell weapons and arms. This is the only american export business left. We stimulate the stock market when we bomb countries.
like johnny says…the American Christian Holy Trinity is actually:
1. talk about jesus and “hope”
2. make money at any cost
3. tax in order to build a huge military.
babylon is falling
christmind is born.