acorn/brad pitt

i tried to hook brad pitt up with acorn in new orleans, since we were already re-building houses in the ninth ward there…but i could not reach him. i have fallen out of the hollywood loop in a big way! I wish him luck, and think he is doing a great thing down there, but the thing I did was better…offering locals jobs in doing the rebuilding through anyone reading this knows brad pitt, tell him to get in touch with acorn in nola!
I have moved my help over to cangleska indian tribe..the poorest place in america. There was no hurricane there, just grinding and unending poverty always. Send them money for heat this winter if you are able to. Let’s help to build a battered women/children’s center there and a school…my research showed that this was the best way to help the whole tribe, as the women who change themselves then turn around and change everything around them…(women’s work is never done).
My sister told me..”rose, just contnue to show the way, and don’t worry about anything other than that.” I continue to manifest my love for jesus’ teachings into actions that help end suffering of the most needy closest to my home.